License To Kill


In the United States, there have been debates about the laws that govern possession of firearms. Gun politics is a controversial area of American politics between Gun Control and Gun Rights activists. Both groups propagate their subjective arguments on laws relating to firearms, its control, crime and public safety. Gun Control advocates calls for stricter restrictions on gun availability while Gun Right loyalists promote guns for self-defense, hunting and sport activities.  Continue reading

10-30: The Journey begins…



Today, I begin my writing experience (on the internet). The sharing of various insights and inspiration the Holy Spirit gives me through my spirit man.

Job 32:8 But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty give them understanding.

This window promises to give every visitor a view into my Christian perspectives with scriptural references. I will encourage, admonish and challenge us to be better Christians especially in this 21st century.  I hope everyone learn from the insights and get blessed. I don’t intend to write long post but concise enough to convey the message. The posts would be weekly (mostly weekends) and  sometimes I would shared guest posts, as I find appropriate to share. I look forward to hear  your views whenever you visit this blog because your contribution matters! A blog isn’t a blog without the visitor’s contribution. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  Oh yes! You are.

ABOUT ME? I’m a believer of the Living Word and the Faith Life, for the Just shall live by Faith. I’m also a graphics enthusiast, that is turned on by creative graphic design and web pages. I love information and brain teasers.  I am a member of The DREAM CENTRE of the Life Oasis Int’l Church.

By the way, 10:30 is a date (October 30, 2014) not time! So, let the journey begin…