Dearest, today we would be learning from the world strongest man who ever lived, Samson. He epitomizes extraordinary strength. His exploits were recorded from Judges Chapter 13 to 16. His birth was foretold like that of the Messiah, the rules of his life were handed down to his parents, he grew up and the Lord empowered him. Yet despite all these, his biblical account is that of a warning to the believers and not that of emulation. It is behooving to reflect on his catastrophic actions because biblical stories were written for the believer’s caution. So, people who think they are standing firmly should be careful that they don’t fall. (I Corinthians 10:12 GW) I pray we would not repeat such mistakes in Jesus name. Amen.

Firstly, Samson misunderstood his purpose to the Land of the Philistines. His first journey to the land of Philistine was an occasion to stir up trouble that will lead to the deliverance of the Israelite and not for marriage in the real sense. This is why the proposed marriage never worked out. He was permitted to go there in order to execute judgment and not to fellowship with God’s enemy.  Remember 2 Corinthians 6:14-16. Can Christ agree with the devil? Can a believer share life with an unbeliever? Divine permission does not necessarily mean divine approval. Remember the Balaam Story too? Samson misunderstood this. He was to bring judgment upon the enemy rather he wants to partner with them. He had relationships at Gaza, Valley of Sorek and the other parts of Philistine. As a believer, the understanding of God’s purpose for our lives guides us from taking erroneous steps and decisions. In areas where the lines are blur, let’s give in more to prayer.

Secondly, he promoted strength above intimacy with God. Samson erred because he did not establish a personal relationship with Jehovah. All through his biblical account, he only prayed twice; when he was thirsty and when he wanted revenge. These prayers are about his personal needs not communion with God. His relationship with God is a ‘Give-Me’ kind not ‘Make-Me’ kind. Samson’s parents worship and made offering to God but nothing was said of the world strongest man!  There was no recorded of his worship or offering. Rather Samson enjoyed the show of power. As believers, our intimacy with God should be the priority not the display of strength and power. God wants us to fellowship with him before our power exploits. This would indicate our spiritual temperature: hot, cold or lukewarm. A cold Christian have a cold relationship with the Father. Our intimacy is meant to serve as fuels for the Christian race.

Of course, you cannot talk about Samson and not mention women. He did not deal with his desire for strange women. The women mentioned around Samson (except his mother) were his wife, a harlot and Delilah. All three were Philistines. He indulged his weakness. He did not crucify the lust of the flesh neither received strength to overcome it even when his parents tried to counsel him. He ignored the cautions of those that knew the rules of his life. As believers, all fleshy tendencies must be brought to the table of the Holy Spirit and your pastor for a corrective surgery. Such tendencies can negate our Christian testimonies. Before I forget, don’t be pleased by ‘uncircumcised’ woman.

Although Samson’s ministry ended abruptly with the prayer that I don’t encourage believers to pray, he was among the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11. This shows that God is able to make all grace abound unto everyone despite our weakness. He lost his vision but realized his purpose. In the words of Bishop Dale C. Bronner “sight is a function of the eyes, vision is a function of the heart”. The world strongest man caught the vision of his purpose in prison and determined to give his last shot to it.  His final moments were spent in prayers to God and commitment to his Destiny rather Delilah. We do well if we don’t walk in his path lest we repeat his mistakes!

Image Credit: Google Image/Samson_by_julioferreira

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