Single and Not Looking


Dearest, today I am making my first guest script. It is on relationship as christian singles. Why? Maybe because I belong to this group presently. It is an interview with Chris Burge by Rhema Bible Church. Burge graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. I hope you learn and be blessed from his words of wisdoms. Read the excerpts below…

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Church Notes + Guest Scripts



Dearest, it is with great joy I am writing to tell you that, there would be expansion on this beloved blog of yours. This is to further bless you and I in more ways as you read Simeon Scripts. The Kingdom of God is bigger than everyone. This Kingdom is an ever-increasing kingdom, thus more inspirations from the womb of the Holy Spirit would be shared in two more categories: Church Notes and Guest Scripts.

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Noah’s Ark vs. Titanic

ark-vs-titanic Dearest, Noah’s ark and the Titanic are two important boats that have left indelible mark on the sand of time. The events surrounding them cannot be easily forgotten. Bring them side by side, you have “Battle of the Boats”. Although, they are both vessels, i do not wish to focus on the comparison of the boats but rather draw lessons from their accounts. Comparison breeds arguments. I hope you would not be distracted with it but simply follow along as we learn the two boats.

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