Noah’s Ark vs. Titanic

ark-vs-titanic Dearest, Noah’s ark and the Titanic are two important boats that have left indelible mark on the sand of time. The events surrounding them cannot be easily forgotten. Bring them side by side, you have “Battle of the Boats”. Although, they are both vessels, i do not wish to focus on the comparison of the boats but rather draw lessons from their accounts. Comparison breeds arguments. I hope you would not be distracted with it but simply follow along as we learn the two boats.

My reference point for Noah’s Ark is taken from the 6th and 7th chapter of Genesis. While that of titanic is from Wikipedia and other internet articles. For the facts about both boats, check here. As earlier said, I do wish to emphasize critical lessons we can learn from them especially Noah’s ark because the scriptures is our textbook not man’s history. Let’s get started.

From the account of Noah’s Ark, we can learn the following

noah's The ark was built on the instruction of God and it survived the Great Flood. (Genesis 6:13-22) God’s instructions preserve you in the day of trouble. Don’t negotiate it because it is detrimental. Remember King Saul. Also, lasting success come from decisions made based on instructions from God. However, the levels of God’s communication to you will not beyond the level of your intimacy with Him. You know people’s voice by spending with them. God’s presence was in the Ark and it made the difference. (Genesis 7:1) God was in the ark when He asked Noah to come in. Pursue the presence of God, not popularity gathering. The presence of God is like open heaven. If God isn’t in the gathering, why tarry? ( I am talking of the local church). Nothing grows under a closed heaven. Only few plants grow in the desert and they are not fruit crops! Desert plants are characterized by thorns. If your life would produce kingdom fruit, it has to be under open heaven. Entry into the Ark is free and 100% survival chance is guaranteed. However, titanic has a transport fee and 32% of chance survival Your salvation has been paid by the death of Jesus, why not take the offer if you are not born again. To be born again, believe and confess Lord Jesus as your saviour. There is no other way to salvation. All other ways would cost you eternal life. Any other act of worship to God wouldn’t lead to God and it is just religion. Religion is man searching for God but Christianity is God searching for man. Noah and his household enter in to the ship. (Genesis 7:7) If you are saved and have an unsaved family member (cousins, uncles, nieces etc) introduce him/her to the salvation you enjoy. Or rather keep them as priority on your prayer list if you cannot preach to them because of one reason or the other. Do you like an heaven without your family members being there?

From the Titanic, we can learn the following,

titanic-pix Titanic was initiated by man to be an edifice but it couldn’t stand the test of the iceberg Nothing of man can withstand the test of the devil without the help of God. Man is not designed to be ordinary but supernatural because we are spirit beings. When God step aside a little from Job, you could see what devil did to him. That something is popular or approved by majority does make it right or godly. There is no democracy in God’s kingdom. Have the mindset of “if it is godly, then it is right” even when it is unpopular. Premarital sex is popular but not godly. Bribery is popular but not godly

Dearest, these are just some of the things we can learn from both accounts. I hope you have been blessed by this piece. I look forward to your comments on other lessons one can learn from the two boats. Till next time, live the best for God.

17 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark vs. Titanic

  1. Weldone bro. Well said. I’m just wondering, has anyone ever thought of what happened to the Ark after the people got out of it? We may want to find out. Nice day all.

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  2. research is ongoing on the remains of the ark. They are trying to find out the exact point where it would have landed. Different points have been proposed and excavated but it still remains a mystery.

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  3. You might want to read about Ron Wyatt on the Internet, Simeon. Very Revealing Researches and revelations God helped him unveil.


  4. We are all afloat. We choose the Titanic or Noah’s Arch experience.
    The world is the Titanic. Noah’s Arch is Eternal Life.
    The temporal/physical vs the spiritual/eternal.

    Our body too is like the Titanic. Our spirit is eternal.
    We are spirits having an earthly experience.
    This life is a boot camp for eternity.

    May our choices be spiritually/eternally-based.


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