Church Notes + Guest Scripts



Dearest, it is with great joy I am writing to tell you that, there would be expansion on this beloved blog of yours. This is to further bless you and I in more ways as you read Simeon Scripts. The Kingdom of God is bigger than everyone. This Kingdom is an ever-increasing kingdom, thus more inspirations from the womb of the Holy Spirit would be shared in two more categories: Church Notes and Guest Scripts.

Church Note would be about valuable points from the sermon of Sunday Service. I would share them so that we can all learn together. These points would be brief (maximum of three sentences per points) and they would be in bullet points. Any points that seems unclear, you can ask me for further clarifications in your comments. Moreover, this is not just about me, you can share your own lessons from the service.

The second of the additions is Guest Scripts. It is about articles of christian Ministers I learn from and dim it fit to share with you here. As I earlier hinted, no one is self-sufficient except God. The body of Christ have several parts (1 Corinthians 12:12) and we all need the contribution of the other parts. Please note the eye does not replace the ear and the ear is not better than the eye. Both are just different and unique.

Okay. All the explanations have been made. Either Apple or Orange, nutrients will be supplied and we have healthy body. Getting nourished is my focus. So Dearest, come along as we enjoy more from the God of inspirations.

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