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Dearest, I am sorry for the delay in a new post. I know that I ought to apologise. Please forgive me. Thanks for your forgiveness. Great! Today I am letting you into my church notes. You would have a glimpse of what I learn in church. There are points from the sermon. I jotted them on the Sunday of March. The message title is “Laws That Governs Marriage”. I wouldn’t teach the laws but highlight lessons I learnt from the laws. There are about 21 Laws of Marriage. Some of the laws are: Law of Purpose, Law of Definition, Law of Lordship, Law of Adaptation, Law of Differences etc. You can request for the message if you desire to know the 21 Laws. If you want further clarifications, make them in comments and I will surely reply.  Without any further ado, here is my Church Note.


  • Marriage is a completion not competition. Man will never be complete until he finds his wife.
  • When you practise laws without understanding the principles, you produce mediocrity.
  • Marriage can make you a wise person or a foolish person.
  • A polygamist is a divorcee who has not sent his wife out but has taken another one.
  • It is better not to marry than to marry and not work marriage well. A couple in a bad marriage is inferior to singles
  • Ignorance is only beneficial as a baby. As an adult, it is suicidal. Learn the laws that make marriage work.
  • Respect flows on the channel of differences not on the channel of similarities.
  • Marriage is a covenant not a business partnership or cohabitation.
  • What love means to a man is different from what love means to a woman. Your husband responds to respect than hugging.
  • When you are about to marry, discuss your responsibilities with your spouse. You can not violate the law of responsibility and claim to be a Christian.
  • Physical qualities (body size, beauty etc) will change but love, honour and respect must remain constant.
  • As a wife, you don’t have to agree with your husband but you must be willing to submit.
  • The man takes his identity from God not from his wife. The wife takes hers from the husband.
  • Every quarrel in the family empowers the devil against you. You are not designed to fight each other in marriage but to back up each other.

Dearest, I am confident you have learnt something from these. The complete message is found here. I am sure you would love it. My earnest prayer is that you and I have a wonderful marriage that represents heavens on earth. Amen.

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