Unconditional Love


There is a love that dampens like the swing of a pendulum bulb. Another which wavers with the current of the tide. I have also learnt of one that fades with use- Lust. Mayhap, the best ever known in the flesh-Mama’s enduring Love, so saddening, it ends in the grave. The father’s pure love soon stops with his last heartbeat. A heart so loving is soon broken by a blow of betrayal.

None of these is a perfect Love. One demand, another spanks. One pampers you in your errors; another despises you in your fallings. One smiles at your failure, another frowns at your success. Honestly this will be a sheer sophistry if experience never proved it. The purport of this write up is to reveal the one perfect Love as the only means to living a life of Holiness.
If all sins have been born by Christ, If all iniquities have been imputed to His account, then what incentives does a believer have to live a God-glorifying Life.
In Pearse’ thoughts on Holiness, he unveils:

Now open the ears of the heart, timid child of God; Let it go sinking right down into the inner most depths of the soul. Here is the starting point of Holiness, in the Love and patience and pity of our heavenly Father. We have not learnt to be holy as a hard lesson at school, that we may make God think well of us; we are to learn it at home with the Father to help us. God loves you not because you are clever not because you are good, but because He is your Father.

The Cross of Christ does not make God love us; it is the outcome and measure of His love to us. He loves all His children, the CLUMSIEST, the DULLEST, the WORST of His children. His love lies at the back of everything, and we must get upon that as the solid foundation of our life, not growing up into that, but growing up out of it. We must begin there or our beginning will come to nothing. Do take hold of this mightily. We must go out of ourselves for any hope, or any strength, or any confidence. And what hope, what strength, what confidence may be ours now that we begin here, your Father which is in heaven! We need to get in at the tenderness and helpfulness which lie in these words, and to rest upon it–your Father.

Speak them over to yourself until something of the wonderful truth is felt by us. It means that I am bound to God by the closest and tenderest relationship; that I have a right to His love and His power and His blessing, such as nothing else could give me. O the boldness with which we can draw near! O the great things we have a right to ask for! YOUR Father. It means that all His infinite love and patience and wisdom bend over me to help me. In this relationship lies not only the (experiential) possibility of holiness; there is infinitely more than that.

Here we are to begin, in the patient love of our Father. Think how He knows us apart and by ourselves, in all our peculiarities, and in all our weaknesses and difficulties. The master judges by the result, but our Father judges by the effort. Failure does not always mean fault. He knows how much things cost, and weighs them where others only measure.

YOUR FATHER. Think how great store His love sets by the poor beginnings of the little ones, clumsy and unmeaning as they may be to others. All this lies in this blessed relationship and infinitely more. Do not fear to take it all as your own”

The Knowledge of God’s Love is the heart of a true experiential walk with God. God loves you beloved. Walk in this Love forever. Amen.

Dearest, i hope you are blessed by my Babayomi Muyiwa Guest’s Script. Don’t forget, walk in love!

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