Unconditional Love


There is a love that dampens like the swing of a pendulum bulb. Another which wavers with the current of the tide. I have also learnt of one that fades with use- Lust. Mayhap, the best ever known in the flesh-Mama’s enduring Love, so saddening, it ends in the grave. The father’s pure love soon stops with his last heartbeat. A heart so loving is soon broken by a blow of betrayal.

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Single and Not Looking


Dearest, today I am making my first guest script. It is on relationship as christian singles. Why? Maybe because I belong to this group presently. It is an interview with Chris Burge by Rhema Bible Church. Burge graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. I hope you learn and be blessed from his words of wisdoms. Read the excerpts below…

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Church Notes + Guest Scripts



Dearest, it is with great joy I am writing to tell you that, there would be expansion on this beloved blog of yours. This is to further bless you and I in more ways as you read Simeon Scripts. The Kingdom of God is bigger than everyone. This Kingdom is an ever-increasing kingdom, thus more inspirations from the womb of the Holy Spirit would be shared in two more categories: Church Notes and Guest Scripts.

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