Unconditional Love


There is a love that dampens like the swing of a pendulum bulb. Another which wavers with the current of the tide. I have also learnt of one that fades with use- Lust. Mayhap, the best ever known in the flesh-Mama’s enduring Love, so saddening, it ends in the grave. The father’s pure love soon stops with his last heartbeat. A heart so loving is soon broken by a blow of betrayal.

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Dearest, I am glad you are reading once again. This encourages me a lot. Thank you. I would continue on the 3D series I started last week. Remember, the 3D series are series of subjects that can be discussed from three unique sides. Today, I would be talking about Man from three angles: spirit, soul and body. I would discuss the subsets, how they function and how we can take advantage of them. I hope you will be blessed.

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The field of Mathematics predates the birth of Christ. Through history, mathematical principles are used in the creation of witty inventions in science, engineering and almost all technology. Mathematics birthed equations which became principles. Some equations, like E=mc2, have been etched in stone. Similarly, the christian faith strive on timed tested principles. They are not to be violated but worked out. Continue reading



Dearest, today we would be learning from the world strongest man who ever lived, Samson. He epitomizes extraordinary strength. His exploits were recorded from Judges Chapter 13 to 16. His birth was foretold like that of the Messiah, the rules of his life were handed down to his parents, he grew up and the Lord empowered him. Yet despite all these, his biblical account is that of a warning to the believers and not that of emulation. Continue reading



An ancient commander journeyed approximately 760km south in search of the cure for his skin diseases. He arrived at the destination successfully. In fact, he saw the physician who told him what to do to be healed. But sadly, the Commander got mad at the physician and went away without getting healed. Why? The military leader wants to get healed on his own terms and conditions not that of the physician. Continue reading