Dearest, today we would be learning from the world strongest man who ever lived, Samson. He epitomizes extraordinary strength. His exploits were recorded from Judges Chapter 13 to 16. His birth was foretold like that of the Messiah, the rules of his life were handed down to his parents, he grew up and the Lord empowered him. Yet despite all these, his biblical account is that of a warning to the believers and not that of emulation. Continue reading

License To Kill


In the United States, there have been debates about the laws that govern possession of firearms. Gun politics is a controversial area of American politics between Gun Control and Gun Rights activists. Both groups propagate their subjective arguments on laws relating to firearms, its control, crime and public safety. Gun Control advocates calls for stricter restrictions on gun availability while Gun Right loyalists promote guns for self-defense, hunting and sport activities.  Continue reading