Noah’s Ark vs. Titanic

ark-vs-titanic Dearest, Noah’s ark and the Titanic are two important boats that have left indelible mark on the sand of time. The events surrounding them cannot be easily forgotten. Bring them side by side, you have “Battle of the Boats”. Although, they are both vessels, i do not wish to focus on the comparison of the boats but rather draw lessons from their accounts. Comparison breeds arguments. I hope you would not be distracted with it but simply follow along as we learn the two boats.

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A wise man once told his son to buy the truth and sell it not. This instruction is timely for this present age because the line is blurred about what is right or wrong, moral or immoral, good or evil. There are various facts, information, research, surveys and arguments that have emerged that stands to challenge what had long existed. Dictionaries have modified the meaning of marriage. Youths cannot clearly tell the difference between sex and love. Sound doctrines are rare in most churches and godliness isn’t encouraged.

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Dearest, I am glad you are reading once again. This encourages me a lot. Thank you. I would continue on the 3D series I started last week. Remember, the 3D series are series of subjects that can be discussed from three unique sides. Today, I would be talking about Man from three angles: spirit, soul and body. I would discuss the subsets, how they function and how we can take advantage of them. I hope you will be blessed.

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Welcome back dearest, sorry I didn’t make a post last week. I had some emergencies to take care of. Thank God they are all sorted out. Today, I would start a series on subjects that can be discussed from three perspectives. Because they have three points of discussion, I called them Three Dimensional Series (3D series). Continue reading



The field of Mathematics predates the birth of Christ. Through history, mathematical principles are used in the creation of witty inventions in science, engineering and almost all technology. Mathematics birthed equations which became principles. Some equations, like E=mc2, have been etched in stone. Similarly, the christian faith strive on timed tested principles. They are not to be violated but worked out. Continue reading